About Us

Founded by Leonel Barbosa Filho in November 1969, CEAE (Center for the Study of Ecclesiastical Administration), began solving the first need of religious congregations, associations and foundations in relation to governmental bodies and fiscal obligations.

With approximately 50 years of experience, it currently provides services to religious congregations, third sector, non-governmental organizations (NGOs),

exempt or immune entities, with clients not only in national territory, but in international institutions.

We have trained professionals and an efficient technological structure. Our specialized consultancy includes since the creation of social status, fiscal orientation, accounting and labor until the full legal referral requested in each case.

Our Services

Within the scope of our activities are all the consulting and execution services necessary for the operation of third sector entities in general, among them:

Asset Management
Organizational, Tax, Accounting Orientation
Work Orientation
Meetings, Lectures and Training



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